Community Reach Center provides a broad and diverse array of services to meet every need and circumstance. From outpatient sessions with a therapist, and a variety of wellness and therapy groups, to community-based services provided in schools, assisted care facilities and homes – we have the resources to tailor your treatment plan to comprehensively meet every unique and individual need.

Outpatient services for all ages provided in collaboration with the client’s healthcare and treatment providers, family members and other support systems.

  • Daily centralized Intake services (initial assessment)
  • Individual, family, group and couple’s therapy
  • Social detox treatment and substance abuse assessment & treatment
  • Vocational Services

Serves students ages four to 21 and their families on-site in all Adams County school districts.

  • Consultations for school personnel
  • Student assessments, psychotherapy, crisis intervention, intensive services as needed and prevention and early intervention services

Serves children birth to age eight and their families.

  • Outpatient therapy
  • Treatment for mothers experiencing pregnancy related depression (PRD) and postpartum depression (PPD)
  • On-site child-specific consultation services to pre-schools, schools, teachers and families for children birth to age six

Integrates mental health professionals into primary care settings.

  • On-site behavioral health services for primary care patients of all ages
  • Consults with the medical provider during a patient’s visit
  • Scheduled counseling appointments with referred patients to address mental health or chronic health care concerns

Group services for adult and adolescent clients separately; Adult Intensive Outpatient Program offered to adults 18 + who need additional intensive outpatient group support. Up to 9 hours of treatment a week

  • Focuses on treatment goals identified during brief individual therapy sessions
  • Fosters development of coping skills and individualized recovery techniques

Intensive home-based services for ages 3 to 21 and their family members, utilizing a comprehensive model for treating traumatic stress addressing specific needs, social environment and systems of care.

  • Thorough assessment and behavioral analysis.
  • Three-phase treatment: 1) safety planning and prevention, 2) regulation- focused treatment, and 3) post-trauma treatment support.

Justice Services supports adult offenders in an outpatient setting. Jail Services supports adult inmates at Adams County Jail.

  • Referred inmates are evaluated within 72 hours of booking into jail
  • Inmates can request services at any time
  • Outpatient supports provided for discharged inmates in developing stable, productive life styles

Serves clients ages 18 + in an outpatient, community or home-based environment.

  • Cultivates a supportive environment that enables clients to function as independently as possible
  • Capitalizes on the client’s personal strengths, and focuses on developing coping strategies and independent living skills

Integrated clinical and educational program on-site at Community Reach Center serving children K thru 12. Staffed by a manager, a special education director, therapists, special education teachers and paraprofessionals.

  • Individual and family therapy, and comprehensive educational services
  • Average length of stay is one school year

A SAMHSA evidence-based program that serves clients struggling with chronic homelessness, incarceration or hospitalizations due to the severity of their symptoms.

  • Focuses on getting the client to their maximum level of independent living

Clients needing residential services are admitted to one of four treatment homes based on acuity and ability to care for themselves.

  • Can provide HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, Shelter Plus Care Rental Assistance Documents, State Housing Vouchers, and HUD Home Ownership assistance

Senior Reach is a community program that identifies older adults who may need in-home emotional or physical support and/or connection to community services.

  • In-home counseling
  • Care management referrals 
  • Connection to community resources 
  • Depression screening and treatment

provides intensive home and community- based services to people age 60 & older who are struggling to maintain symptom stability, currently residing in a skilled nursing facility, are at imminent risk for hospitalization or placement in a skilled nursing facility.

• Individual and Family Therapy
• Care Coordination
• Crisis and safety planning and prevention
• Psycho-ed & Psychosocial Rehabilitation
• Medication evaluation and management