As part of an ongoing effort to cultivate and train quality therapists and counselors, Community Reach Center offers student placements in the master’s level and doctoral level training programs. Please see the information below for more details about Community Reach Center’s training program. Thank you for considering Community Reach Center!

Master's-Level Training Program

The goal of the Community Reach Center’s master’s level training program is to provide supervised training for students enrolled in master’s level graduate programs to refine and further the skills and knowledge necessary to function as a master’s level therapist. The training program offers only unpaid placements. Placements are only available to master’s level students enrolled in a graduate training program (i.e., individuals working towards their Master’s Degree in approved Counseling programs, or other directly related programs). Learn more here

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Practicum

The goal of Community Reach Center’s Clinical Psychology Practicum is to provide supervised training for doctoral students in clinical and counseling psychology to refine and further the skills and knowledge necessary to function as a developing psychologist. The practicum is unpaid and runs for a full training year, from September through the following August, and requires student involvement of 12-15 hours per week. The training model incorporated for this practicum is practitioner-scholar in style, and incorporates both didactic training and an experiential component. Learn more here