Patient Portal

Patient Portal Login Page

Introducing the CRC Patient Portal!!!

We are excited to announce our new patient portal and explain
some of the features you can utilize.
Features currently include:

    • View your clinical summary.
    • Request an appointment.
    • View your statement and make payment online.
    • Ask a billing question.




You will receive a link by email to register as new user.   From Home Screen you can view and access portal.


View your next appointment or Request an Appointment.

  • Your next appointment will display in the blue box on your home screen.
  • To request an appointment, click the “Request Appointment” button
  • The To, Message Type and Subject lines will auto populate.
  • Enter information on requested appointment.
    • On Date
    • At Time
    • Reason
    • Team Member You Want to See
    • Preferred Method of Contact
  • Click Send
  • If the date and time selected are available, you will receive a confirmation of scheduled appointment through the portal.
  • If the date and time selected are not available, we will reach out to you based on your preferred method of contact to coordinate appointment.


To ask a billing question or view existing messages, select My Messages

Click New Message to begin a new message.

  • Message to, select Billing Request.
  • Message Type, select Billing Inquiry.
  • Subject, enter summary of subject.
  • Body of message, enter any information or question you may have.
  • Click Send
  • Currently only Billing Questions and Requesting Appointments is functional within Messaging. Any other messaging will not be received nor responded to.
  • You will receive a response through the portal and a notification email you have a new message.

You may respond back to message by selecting the message and clicking the reply icon.


To ask for a prescription refill select “refill prescription” on the message type and in the message box put in the name of the prescription (only a prescription you have been prescribed by CRC

  To update your address, telephone number or email address click the “Update My Information


Complete any information that has changed  


Be sure to click

Your information will be updated within 48 business hours


The Menu along the left side of the page will give you
access to a variety of information. 
Feel free to explore each menu item!


For questions or issues accessing the portal please email: