Parent Support Network

What is it? 

The Parent Support Network is a coaching service offered by the Partnership for Drug Free Kids in partnership with Community Reach Center to parents who are struggling with a teen who is considering or using drugs and alcohol, and includes: 

  •  Five one-hour telephone sessions with a parent coach who has personally experienced the challenges of teen substance use 
  •  A resource book entitled The 20 Minute Guide for Parents 


What does it cost? 

The service is FREE for all parents and caregivers! 


How can a coach help me? 

Parent coaches can: 

  •  Listen and provide support 

  •  Recommend ways to talk to your teen about substance use 

  •  Develop strategies to engage your teen in healthy behaviors

  •  Help with effective alternatives to punishment and enabling 

  •  Assist in improving collaboration between parents/caregivers 

  •  Direct you to other useful resources 


How do I sign up? 

If you are interested in parental coaching, please CLICK HERE or call 1-855-378-4373.  All calls are confidential and staffed by trained professional who can assist you.


Who can I talk to if I have more questions? 

Please call your Community Reach Center contact Michelle Dance, Family Advocate, at 303-229-6599 or email with questions.

What happens when the coaching calls are completed? 

Your coach will make sure that you are aware of any additional support services you might need. Also, you will be asked to complete a survey regarding your experience with the coaching service.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids