Genoa Pharmacy

Community Reach Center offers convenient on-site pharmacy services at its Genoa Pharmacy, located at the Don Ciancio Building, 8989 Huron Street, Thornton, CO 80260

On-site pharmacy services gives clients the option to fill all of their medications in the private setting of their mental health provider. 


What's the benefit of using Community Reach Center's pharmacy?

Special Packaging

  • Genoa has a variety of packaging available with day and color prompts to help clients take their medication.

Prior Authorization Assistance

  • Pharmacy staff will work with insurance companies to fulfill prior authorization requests.

Online Pharmacy Access

  • Genoa Online allows clinic staff to request refills, print drug monographs and view clients' medication profiles. 

Help With Insurance Plans

  • Community Reach Center understands how important it is for clients to have the right insurance plan.  Pharmacy staff can help answer any insurance-related questions and can even help qualified clients register for patient assistance programs for free medications from drug manufacturers.

Refill Call Program

  • Pharmacy staff can place refill reminder calls to you and discuss delivery or pick-up options, to help you stay on track with your medications.

Delivery Service

  • Home delivery is available.

Safe Drug Storage & Disposal