Child and Family Counseling

Community Reach Center is here to help Adams County and Denver-area families deal with the challenges they face. We offer a wide range of mental health treatment and behavioral health counseling in a safe and supportive environment for problems such as teen depression, anxiety, ADHD, eating disorders, and child abuse. When your family is in crisis, we can provide private, confidential, evidence-based mental health and child and family counseling designed to meet the individual needs of your family.

Young children have a limited vocabulary to describe feelings and emotions. They may try to communicate by displaying angry or disruptive behaviors. Some children may express frustrations through nail biting, bed wetting, or frequent stomach aches, while others may become tearful, nervous or afraid. Children may want to skip school, or suddenly get bad grades in classes they used to enjoy. Some teens may self-harm to express feelings they are unable to put into words and some youth shut down, feeling lost and alone.

The Child Therapists at Community Reach Center are experts at restoring hope and confidence. We use several methods to engage your child, including art therapy, play therapy, drama, music and movement. Older children may also prefer talk therapy. We teach stress management and coping skills to help families open new pathways of communication. When a young person is having problems, we involve parents, step-parents and siblings in helping to craft the solutions.

Engaging in child and family counseling can be very beneficial. Your child will feel relieved to have a safe ally to talk with who understands what they are going through. Additionally, therapy will provide your family with the tools needed to help improve communication, target and reward positive behaviors, and to find useful resources. We are invested in helping your family and young person succeed.

Don’t wait another day. The first step is to schedule an intake assessment. Please contact us at (303) 853-3500 to schedule at either of our intake locations:

Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm at 8989 Huron St., Thornton, CO 80260

Tuesdays, 8:00-10:45am at 1850 E. Egbert St., Ste. 200, Brighton, CO 80601

You and your child’s therapist will work together to develop a treatment plan or "road map" to assist you in reaching your treatment goals. You and your child’s therapist will review your treatment plan regularly to ensure that you are receiving the necessary services to support you in your treatment goals.

For more detailed information to help you start services with Community Reach Center, click on the links below:

  • Getting Started - What to expect on your initial visit and assessment
  • Offices - Office locations, phone numbers and intake times
  • Intake Forms - Save time by downloading forms to fill out in advance of your first visit
  • HIPAA Privacy Policy - Our policy regarding the privacy of your personal information