I'm Going Places

im-going-placesAll over Adams County, students in middle schools and high schools are engaged in fun programs provided by the I’m Going Places (or IGP) team, imgoingplaces.org. I’m Going Places is a collaborative approach that helps our Adams County youth succeed. It’s a different approach to a youth program in that we don’t just tell them what to do. Instead, we work to redirect students from whatever it is that’s holding them back from their own success. We help them build a reasonable and achievable plan that’s designed with them, for them. This plan includes:

  • Unlimited support
  • Tools and resources to keep students on track

The name may be familiar; many kids already associate imgoingplaces.org with a fun, successful outreach campaign. Now, it’s a complete program for those teens that fall under the radar: the average student who often gets overlooked, the young person whose choices are going to cause serious consequences, or the youth you care about but don’t know how to help.

I’m Going Places is currently piloting in 15 schools and provides prevention and intervention services to students. Staff facilitates WhyTry, Coping and Support Training and LifeSkills classes. They also offer a mix of other strength-based and team building workshops onsite at the schools. The goal is to support student resiliency, substance abuse refusal skills, healthy decision making skills and academic achievement. Click here to learn more!