Psychological Testing

Community Reach Center offers a variety of testing services for all ages. The team is comprised of Predoctoral Psychology Interns and Staff Psychologists. Psychological assessment can help with the following:

  • Diagnostic clarification
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Rule out or confirm thought disorders, cognitive/social abilities, and more
  • Ability to live independently and maintain employment
  • Assess validity of symptomatology


The Psychological Testing Process
  • Testing generally takes place over 1 or 2 sessions.
  • The evaluator will prepare a written report that summarizes findings and provides recommendations.
  • The evaluator will contact the referring therapist to schedule a feedback session.  Whenever possible, evaluators aim to discuss results jointly with clients and referring therapists.
  • The referring therapist will receive a copy of the testing report.  The client will receive a summary report, and may request a full report from Medical Records.


Types of Evaluations Offered

Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Clinical interview, mental status exam, cognitive assessment, objective and/or projective personality assessment.  Provides diagnostic clarification, recommendations for treatment intervention, and treatment prognosis.

Educational Evaluation

  • Clinical interview, cognitive assessment, achievement evaluation, and behavior rating scales.  Provides information regarding intellectual, academic, and behavioral functioning, treatment planning based on ability, and assessment for special education needs.

Developmental Disability Assessment

  • Clinical interview, mental status exam, cognitive assessment, evaluation of adaptive functioning.  Provides indication of level of functioning, behavioral planning, and treatment recommendations.

Parent-Child or Sibling Interactional Evaluation

  • An evaluator will observe the interaction of individuals (usually a parent-child dyad) to determine the nature of their interactions and make recommendations for visitation, parenting-related intervention, etc.