The Colorado Spirit Program provides support for feelings of worry, hopelessness, anger, loss, isolation and disconnection that many individuals are experiencing as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic

Through the provision of virtual community-based outreach and psychoeducational services, our mission is to empower Adams County residents.

Colorado Spirit is different from other programs in that our team has the flexibility to meet the community where they are in dealing with the pandemic.

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Colorado Spirit is: 

• Completely free

• Confidential

• Available at your convenience

• Bridging the gap between needs and resources in the Adams County community


Colorado Spirit’s objectives are to:

• Support survivors in understanding their current situation and reactions

• Reduce and mitigate stress and provide emotional support

• Promote the use and development of coping strategies

• Assist survivors in reviewing and understanding their recovery options

• Connect individuals with other people and agencies who can help in their recovery process.


We will do this by providing:

• Virtual individual and group counseling

• Community networking and support

• Assessment and referral to community resources

• Psychoeducational materials and emotional support


Our Staff:

Colorado Spirit Crisis staff are not traditional mental health providers. Associates are not able to diagnose or treat mental illness. Our associates are a combination of mental health paraprofessionals and professionals who support community members in functioning and coping with disaster disruptions through crisis counseling services.

General COVID-19 information:







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