Early Childhood Services

  • 8889 Fox Drive, Suite B, Thornton, CO 80260 
  • 1850 Egbert Street, Suite 200, Brighton, CO 80601 

This location is currently not providing walk-in intake hours. To get started with ECS, click here or call us. 

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Whether you prefer virtual or in-person therapy sessions, our compassionate therapists will create a safe and confidential space for you to open up about your thoughts and feelings. 

Group Therapy

Group Therapy consists of groups of 5-15 people and are led by clinicians who specialize in your area of need. With numerous sessions to choose from, our group model maximizes support and skill-building.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy offers virtual and in-person care, enabling families to make positive change. We utilize various methods like: exploring emotions, changing behaviors, and examining roles to enhance familial support.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy uses play to help your child express their feelings, understand their emotions, and solve problems. This technique fosters a safe space for kids to explore their thoughts and experiences through activities like games, art, and storytelling.

Medical Services

Medical Services helps manage your medications, and create a care plan that fits your indiviaul long- and short-term treatment goals. We also teach you about your health, so you can make smart choices and live a healthier life.

CaRe Management

Care Management ensures a coordinated approach to help you achieve your goals. Framed around case management and psychosocial rehabilitation, we address your social, behavioral, and functional needs through community resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Early Childhood Services is proud to partner with Mountainland Pediatrics to make mental health care more accessible for children and families. By working together, we can help our consumers with their physical and mental health challenges, ensuring they feel empowered every step of the way on their health journey.