Residential Services

Recovery is measured largely by a client's ability to live independently. Community Reach Center offers a full spectrum of residential services, from the most intensive and structured residential treatment homes, to semi-independent and independent residences. We operate four residential treatment homes throughout Adams County for adults 18 years of age and older. Placement is based on illness acuity and the client's ability to care for her or himself.


Services provided through the residential treatment homes include the following:

  • Medication monitoring and education
  • Case management using the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Model
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Empowerment and life skills training
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • An Intensive Treatment Program, designed to improve functioning, reduce symptoms, and avoid relapse and hospitalization


Community Reach also offers the following semi-independent and independent living residences for qualifying clients:

  • KIVA I & KIVA II are long-term transitional apartments shared by Center clients of the same sex. The goal of KIVA I & KIVA II is to prepare clients for independent living, offer life skills training, and maintain the client's awareness of their mental health condition.
  • Shelter+Care provides Rental Assistance Documents to clients through Colorado's Supportive Housing and Homeless Program (SHP), providing they are receiving treatment at the Center.
  • HUD Section 8 offers permanent, independent living situations to clients through SHP. Once enrolled in the program, clients are eligible for housing vouchers through Colorado Department of Local Affairs even after their treatment ends.
  • Coronado HUD 202 Residencies are 6 units set up for semi-independent shared living.
Coronado HUD Residences
Coronado HUD Residences
Crestone Place
Crestone Place
Mesa House
Mesa House