School-Based Therapy


Community Reach Center operates the largest school-based services program in Colorado, helping students to learn to manage feelings of anxiety, depression, phobias and other emotional or behavioral health issues that may be interfering with their school work. School-based services provide students in elementary, secondary schools and community college with convenient access to counseling and case management services, in the familiar setting of their school.

School-Based Therapy Program
The School-Based Therapy Program provides counseling and case management services to students and families within Adams School Districts 1, 12, 27J and 50. School-Based Therapy can help students to resolve emotional issues and manage disruptive behaviors. It also provides supportive counseling to students who have become withdrawn, disengaged and are having difficulty keeping up with schoolwork. Click here for a list of Adams County schools served by the School-Based Therapy Program.

Day Treatment Program

The Day Treatment Program helps students in grades K-12 who struggle with mental health as well as other behavioral and emotional issues to achieve success in both the home and school environment. The Program uses the research-based Trauma Informed Care Treatment Model that helps children and families to process traumatic events and triggers so that they can learn to cope and heal. Multidisciplinary and intensive clinical services are provided, including individual, family, and group therapy. Individualized educational services are provided in coordination with the client's school district.