COVID-19 Heroes Program

The COVID-19 Heroes Program is designed specifically to serve healthcare workers during the pandemic. Any healthcare worker who lives or works in Adams or Broomfield counties can receive up to six counseling sessions free of charge. After initial evaluation counseling sessions will be provided via telehealth to support public health.

This is an exceptionally difficult time for healthcare professionals. It is an inherently stressful career now compounded by the worry of exposure to COVID-19, and potentially taking it home to their families. We also know that healthcare professionals are often better at caring for their patients than for themselves. So, we encourage any healthcare professional serving Adams or Broomfield counties to give us a call on the Warm Line at 303-280-6602 for support and also take advantage of the six free counseling sessions. It’s our way of helping to safeguard their mental wellness so that they are better equipped to care for their patients and our community.

View or download our informational flier.

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