Vocational Services


Research tells us that individuals who struggle with emotional or behavioral issues are better able to manage their symptoms when they're gainfully employed. The Vocational Services Program offers a variety of services designed to help clients develop skills necessary for a successful job search, as well as skills that will help them to manage their symptoms once they're on the job.

Once you've completed an intake at the Thornton Office, you may access all Vocational Services. Vocational Services at Community Reach Center will open all eligible clients to the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. There are so many benefits to working!

Financial Benefits

  • Most clients earn enough income from their jobs to make up for the reduction in their SSI/SSDI benefits that occurs once they’re employed.

Social Benefits

  • Your world becomes more interesting when you’re working, as you meet new people, make new friends and gain new experiences to share with others.

Symptom Reduction

  • For persons living with a severe mental illness, studies have shown that work reduces symptoms and improves a person’s sense of recovery.

Self-Esteem Benefits

  • Employment provides lots of opportunities to improve current skills and learn new ones that could qualify you for promotions and greater income in the future.
  • You’ll enjoy the positive feedback you receive from fellow co-workers and supervisors when you do good work, and will feel a sense of pride and self-satisfaction that comes with being a productive member of your work team.

Vocational Services & Employment Groups

  • Resume Building Group
  • Interviewing Skills Group
  • Employment Seeking Group
  • Job Support Gathering

The Vocational Services Team works closely with your therapist, so they are aware of your symptoms and challenges. Once you have found employment, the Vocational Services Team will continue to provide you with support as needed, such as helping to improve communication between you and your employer or coworkers, and helping you to develop skills for coping with the symptoms of your illness while you are at work.

Anyone can work when they have an adequate support system… they just need to want to work!

View or download our Employment Services Program brochure.

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