Community Reach Center is committed to supporting the mental well-being of the communities that we serve. Below you will find information and links to help you better understand mental health concerns, steps to better mental health, and assistance that Community Reach Center can give to improve your mental wellness. In addition, we have provided links to many other organizations that can inform and support you and your family.

Please remember that this information is not a substitute for seeking the help you need from mental health professionals. We are here to help you. Call us!

  • Mental Health Topics - Information on various mental illnesses from Mental Health America and other reputable sources
  • Links - Useful websites for local and national mental health information, mental health support groups and community resources
  • News - An expanded version of mental health related news clips from MedicineNet, a division of WebMD; updated daily
  • Annual Report - Copies of the Center's most recent Annual Report
  • Speakers Bureau - Invite us to speak at your next meeting or event; see the list of topics


Colorado State Innovation Model: The Road Ahead

Goal: To improve the health of Coloradans by providing access to integrated primary care and behavioral health services in coordinated community systems, with value-based payment structures, for 80 percent of the state's residents by 2019.